Hystorical Portraits  
  Series Concept  

“Hystorical Portraits” is a series created based on the motif of self-portraits of historical figures from a wide variety of genres.

Everything that we learned at school about these great men were biased portrayals that are only based on their achievements. But wouldn’t their humanity and true nature be hidden in the aspects that are not mentioned in those textbooks? In this series, we will research the lives of historical figures from various perspectives such as their living environment, human relationships, interests, preferences, and the social conditions of their time, and gather these information as detailed motifs to make an attempt at recreating a more accurate and multi-dimensional portrayal of these figures.

The word “Hystorical” in the title is a coined word that is a combination of “hysterical” (emotional, crazy) and “historical”. I would like you to try and take a look at these passionate and eccentric historical figures from a different perspective from the portrayals that you are used to.


「Hystorical portraits」は多岐にわたるジャンルからピックアップした、歴史上の人物の自画像をモチーフに制作したシリーズである。


  Line Up  



9th solo Exhibition "Hystorical Portraits"

【Period】October 30 - December 19, 2020

【Venue】MICHEKO GALERIE [Munich, Germany]

Opening : October 29 12:00‐21:00


個展『Hystorical Portraits』


【会場】ミケーコギャラリー (ミュンヘン、ドイツ)

オープニング : 10月29日 12:00-21:00